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Maryland has a new accountability system that takes into account growth, gap reduction, and college readiness in addition to achievement to give a more accurate picture of a school’s performance and progress. In the new system, these core values provide a School Progress Index which is used to identify schools that need support and deserve recognition.

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Maryland collects student demographic data that helps further clarify the populations served by the state's schools and local education authorities. Among the information collected are basic enrollment, attendance, student mobility, classifications of students receiving special services and school teacher qualifications.

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Maryland measures academic progress each year by administering the Maryland School Assessment, the Alternate Maryland School Assessment (for students with disabilities), and the Maryland High School Assessments. In addition students take other assessments such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress and College Readiness tests like AP, SAT, and ACT.

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Maryland collects Nationwide College Enrollment data for Maryland graduates from the National Student Clearinghouse along with Maryland Public College Enrollment and Maryland Public College Credit data from the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Maryland captures this information to determine the post-secondary enrollment and college credit earned of Maryland graduates.

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